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Tag: Trump

GOP Health Care Bill

Likely to be the biggest Policy Move of Trump’s Presidency So far is the Health Care Bill that was Unveiled. A number of republican Senators have been opposed to the […]

Russian Hacker #SethRich Identified

I can’t believe I’m still writing about Russian Hacking. I Promise this will be the last time I ever cover this extremely Dumb (To put it lightly) story. I would […]

A Border Wall that is Profitable

Trumps Mexican Boarder wall has been on the back burner with all of the talks about foreign relations. Many have estimated the wall to be around 15 Billion Dollars. While I […]

Trumps War Options Moving Forward

As Trump moves beyond the first 100 days, looming tensions between North Korea/China and the United States/South Korea continue to make headlines. North Korea acsues US, South Korea of Assassination […]

Trump: The Last Hope to Save American Politics

Beyond Republican and Democrat, Corruption has run amuck throughout American Politics. The Major News Organizations are in direct Correlation with the corruption behind closed doors, this goes for Fox and CNN […]