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Category: Sports

NFL Conference Championships

The NFC Championship spots have been finalized with a last second 34-31 victory by the Green-Bay Packers over the Dallas Cowboys. Likewise the AFC Championship gets its final bid in […]

2016 Vikings Predictions

With Preseason wrapping up, and just the Los Angeles Rams Left on the schedule, the Vikings will look ahead to their first regular season inside the new half of a […]

GS is a 3peat In The Making

  If you watched Game 2 vs the Trail Blazers you saw the problems that the Warriors Suffer without Curry in the line up. You also saw the sort of […]

March Madness Predictions

It’s that time of year again. Kids and Teachers a like cause schools to slow down. You and your Colleagues at work all wondering who’s taking the Annual March Madness […]

Sleepless Nights: Marques Ogden Interview

Former NFL player Marques Ogden has seen his share of success in multiple aspects of life. From his Graduation from prestigious Howard University to his draft day into the NFL […]

NFL,DEA,AP – Graphic Pictating NFL player Pain Tolerence Over the last week or so the NFL government teamed up with the DEA to give “random” drug tests to teams around […]

Wichita State

With Eight games left in the season Wichita State University is at an outstanding 23-0, the WuShock rank fourth in the nation. WSU is one of only two remaining unbeaten […]