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Category: Politics

#DonaldTrump, The Voice Of The People

  In all honesty Trump isn’t Running Against Hillary anymore, he’s pretty much running a popularity contest gaining the American Peoples Trust as well as people in government positions. Hillary […]

Science That Proves God Exists

(Scroll To Bold Lettering For Theory) Let me Start by Saying, Multiple Scientific theories will be used to Prove That God exists. This again, is my own Theory, MSG is […]

Can you Handle The Truth?

It is 2016, I refuse to Sugar coat the complete Neglect and irresponsibility the government continues to display to its american People. As fucking corny as Anonymous is, the representation […]

The Clinton Foundation. Fraud, Lies, Greed.

Although we did not find Clear evidence, that secretary Clinton or her collogues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information. There is evidence that they were extremely […]

The End Of Democracy

Over the last few centuries its safe to say the fabric of the United States Democracy as we know it, has been under attack. Whether the rise in terrorism, or other […]

What To Do with Syria’s Refugees

One side Compares the refugees to M&Ms saying “if i gave you 1000 M&Ms and 10 were poisoned would you take the chance of eating them?” The other using the […]


 “A plurality of Americans are no longer Republicans or Democrats. These Americans want a new combination of beliefs. These Americans are fiscally conservative and also concerned with personal liberty. A […]