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Category: Hollywood

Jeffrey Reddick Interview: Dead Awake

From the Creator of Final Destination, Jeffrey Reddick, Dead Awake is a Horror Movie based off of the real life horror of Sleep Paralysis. The fear of being conscious while you’re […]


Huey P teamed up with Veteran and Mega Producer DJ Drama To bring you his newest Mixtape “206253”. The Mixtape Is Available on Datpiff. Although a Stand Alone artist with his conscious […]

LordApex Taking Over The UK

The thing about music is, it’s a universal language. Whenever I think about music as a language it reminds me of the Movie Shawshank Redemption. The moment when The Main […]

No Air No Art

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out, and happened to things.” – Leonardo […]

A Prophetess on the Oxymoron Tour

Rene Brown is a talented female artist who’s taken her love for music and preforming and never looked back. Recently added to the Line Up of School Boy Q’s Oxymoron […]

Mike Melinoe And The OG Tribe

   (Above – Mike Melinoe – Twitter – @MikeMelinoe)   At the end of 2013 I stumbled upon a group of young Artists called Organic Geniuses. After extensively listening to their music at the […]

Geniuses of the Underground

The Industry is always in search of the next, “Big Thing,” especially when it comes to Hip-Hop. Recently, a group of artists stood together and created a collection of different […]

What’s different?

Drakes Nothing was the same dropped this morning September 24. After waiting in anticipation for this album for months, actually since take care dropped. This album doesn’t disappoint. From the […]