Hillary is Focused on WW3

So Everything I’ve been saying for months comes to light. More and More WikiLeaks show the corrupt government elite controlling the masses through media. The fact people think they are […]

Jeffrey Reddick Interview: Dead Awake

From the Creator of Final Destination, Jeffrey Reddick, Dead Awake is a Horror Movie based off of the real life horror of Sleep Paralysis. The fear of being conscious while you’re […]

2016 Vikings Predictions

With Preseason wrapping up, and just the Los Angeles Rams Left on the schedule, the Vikings will look ahead to their first regular season inside the new half of a […]

#DonaldTrump, The Voice Of The People

  In all honesty Trump isn’t Running Against Hillary anymore, he’s pretty much running a popularity contest gaining the American Peoples Trust as well as people in government positions. Hillary […]

Science That Proves God Exists

(Scroll To Bold Lettering For Theory) Let me Start by Saying, Multiple Scientific theories will be used to Prove That God exists. This again, is my own Theory, MSG is […]

Can you Handle The Truth?

It is 2016, I refuse to Sugar coat the complete Neglect and irresponsibility the government continues to display to its american People. As fucking corny as Anonymous is, the representation […]