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Americans Needed #Vault7 to Realize What Trump Is Up Against

While the Agenda that Russian Government is connected to Donald trump – in terms of using him to carry out their Motives – continues,  main stream media credibility dwindles. What we know now is that the Vault 7 Wikileaks fill in a lot of missing pieces as to why and how this story was an extremely detailed and well thought out plan by globalists within the CIA and the American Government to overthrow the President.

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The Program Umbrage Can be connected Directly to the DNC Leaks from Hillary Clinton where we see a plot to use a Russian Motive to discredit Donald Trump.

The Program is used to leave a trail of fingerprints back to whomever the Government sees fit to make it look like someone else is hacking when it is really being done by CIA malware – this is exactly how Hillary had tweeted about Trumps Connections to Russia before any news came out publicly because of her inside connections to corrupt government officials.

Main stream Media also continues to say that United States Americans are not being hacked, and that unless they are doing something illegal, they have nothing to worry about – This is false. An Article by the Intercept simply titled TitanPointe goes into detail about how all users information is uploaded to a massive data base so that It can be monitored. Another article featured in the Daily mail titled Inside America’s $1.9billion data mine: How all your private details will soon be stored in this vast NSA nerve center in Utah Valley is a prime example on how all private data is uploaded to database controlled by the Government so that it can be later be sifted through for incriminating evidence. No longer do these wiretaps or hacks need to be monitored in real time because all data is monitored and recorded 24/7 whether you know it or not.

You might also hear things like “by Wikileaks Releasing this information it is a threat to our national security and we are giving our enemies capabilities to harm us” – This is also fake News. Wikileaks Removed all code for these software programs when it uploaded the Vault 7 Data, and because Wikileaks is just a publishing company this information could already be in the hands of numerous organizations from terrorists to other governments with the code intact (The more Logical Explanation is that CIA/Government Insiders upset with the way Donald Trump is being Treated are Leaking details s to counteract the corrupt agenda). By releasing this information they are only helping the American Citizens realize that their rights are being infringed upon and what tactics the CIA and the These Tech Companies have been in contact about. When these companies try to say that they are surprised that their hardware was able to be hacked they doing damage control. These Companies like Microsoft, Google, Norton, work directly with the CIA to insure that there are windows or backdoors that are easily accessible. In some instances these companies work directly with the Government to have their products sell to consumers already compromised with the malware, malware the average consumer would know nothing about.

What better way to compromise a persons electronic devices then to sell them a product that already comes with a virus meant to monitor what they do.

There is a Civil war being carried out in the United States Government. The true believers in liberty are exposing the tools and tactics used to undermine the American people and the President – while the corruption continues to push the Fake News Russian agenda, only meant to make The President of The United States job as difficult as possible.

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