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Vikings Week 1 Recap and Season Predictions


The Vikings on Monday night football did not look like the Vikings many people thought we would see week 1. With Their Rookie of the Year Franchise QB Teddy Bridgewater coming into his second year, with More weapons then last , 3 points seems a little concerning. Giving up 5 sacks, when last year the rookie was only sacked 39 times all season also shows concern for the Offensive line. Adrian Peterson hit the field for the first time in 50+ weeks and had reassuring things to say post game.

“It felt good to get out there, play some football, take some hits,” Peterson said. “But [it was] definitely embarrassing to perform the way we did.”

    Although he only Ran for 31 yards on 10 carries, it was understandable that they would see how he was feeling before giving the work load off to the best running back in the NFL. 

    UCLA Alum Anthony Barr lead the team with 10 tackles followed by Terence Newman and Xavier Rhodes both with 7. A pitiful display from the Defensive Line allowed the 49ers RB Carlos Hyde to rush for 160+ yards while their franchise QB Collin Kaepernick only had 165 yards on 17 of 26 threw the air but added 41 yards on the ground off 7 carries. 

    Luckily Concerns about both the Offensive and Defensive line will be focused on, giving Adrian Peterson the Ball More will open up the secondary forcing more man coverage on the outside for deep threats like Mike Wallace. This game fortunately won’t reflect how the Vikings Finish the season. 

    Last year Bridgewater finished with 2,919 yards through the air with a 64 completion percentage. His performance Monday night Against the 49ers of 231 yards on 23 of 32 was not far off the mark of last years stats.

    This year healthy TE Kyle Rudolph, and newly Acquired Wide Out Mike Wallace should increase his touchdowns and Yards. Once Peterson is back to taking 18-24 carries a game it will give Teddy the opportunity to read defenses and change plays at the line increasing the play action and exploiting the Zone. 


    The Vikings have a decently hard schedule minus the NFC north games they play. Luckily those teams Not in the NFC north are spread out, giving the Viking a Chance to figure out their offense before playing the likes of the Cardinals, Broncos or Seahawks. The Vikings record at the end of the season comes down to 2 games week 11 and week 17. The Vikings could sneak in at 8-8 as a wild card but if they can beat the packers twice and come out 10-6 they will be rolling on all cylinders come playoff time. Lets just hope the offensive line doesn’t make a habit out of their young QB being sacked 5 times a game or that 8-8 might be generous. 

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